Just use your member ID to log in. Enter your Member ID and personally selected password. You can make a reservation 24/7 with as little or as much notice as you like, it's all up to you. As for cancellations, since this is a carshare community, cancelling as soon as possible will allow another member to reserve that vehicle.

As far as driving is concerned, only you or another approved member on the same CarShare Unit can drive the vehicle during your reservation. That's the benefit of being a member.
ou’ll keep a credit card on file to pay for your reservations. Depending on your program location and membership, reservations may be charged when you book or at the time of your reservation. Additional time, mileage and fees will be charged as they are incurred and applied to the total cost of your trip. The card on file must be a major credit card and must be in the name of the primary member (account holder).
Annual memberships renew automatically and any applicable membership fee will be charged upon the anniversary month of your join date. For more details on payment, review member policies on your program terms.
Returning the vehicle late or extending after your reservation has ended will incur a penalty. If you know you're going to be late, extend online, with our app, or by phone before the end of your reserved time. If there's no reservation right after yours, we can extend your reservation without a problem. If your extension or late return delays another member who has reserved the vehicle you are driving, an inconvenience fee may apply.
Depending on the car you choose, your miles will be limited amount of miles per  battery level and usage, reserved day or hour.  
No—there is a fine for smoking in our vehicles.

In the event of a breakdown, flat tire or other problem, call us immediately so we can dispatch our 24-hour roadside assistance.
In the case of an accident, call the Police to make a report and fill out the accident checklist. Please notify us of the accident immediately so that we can create a report of the information you collect and assist you in any way possible. We'll be sure to make alternate arrangements for the next Student Car Share member that has a reservation for that vehicle. 
To maximize availability for all members, we ask for at least three hours’ notice when canceling your reserved time. If you cancel with less than fourhours’ notice, you will be billed for the first three hours of your reservation, or the cost of your reservation, whichever is less. If you do not cancel your reservation and do not drive, you will be billed for the full estimated cost of your reservation.
Call or contact us to request a replacement for your Smart Card. In most cases, a $20 replacement fee will apply.
As for cancellations, please contact us to cancel your membership so that we can review your account and provide instructions for returning your Smart Card.
Always check the vehicle before exiting to ensure you have all of your belongings and that the vehicle is clean and fueled. If you do leave behind an item, contact Member Services for temporary access to the car as long as it isn’t on reservation with another member. Please be aware that Elektrisk is not responsible for any personal belongings left behind. 
Reservations can be as short as one hour. Maximum reservation length is typically seven days, but can vary based on your program. If you need a car longer than seven days, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate your driving needs.