Fleet Rental Services

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  • Vehicles to meet demands
    Vehicles come with charge cards, granting FREE access to the a large charging network for those who need to go beyond a few hours of driving. If you need a car, it’s here.
  • Great Daily and Hourly Rates
    Book your pay-as-you-go car now. Rental prices and vehicles are very affordably priced allowing you to get the best deals, daily rates and hourly rates.
  • No hidden charges
    It's important to consider what may not be included in your rental car's initial up-front cost.  At Armada Enterprise Elektrisk you won't run into any surprise costs. 
  • Real time online booking
    Typically when you book a car rental, you have an idea of the type of car but you don't get the one you saw online. This is REAL booking, what you SEE is what you GET. 
  • Clean vehicles & many extras
    Customize your Armada Enterprise Elektrisk Rental Car with add-ons. We offer child safety seat reservation if made 24 hours prior to pick up, we guarantee availability.  

about us

By operating and expanding the fleet of electric vehicles, Armada Enterprise Elektrisk provides a low cost travel option for those who don’t need a car of their own, all of the time. The Elektrisk fleet mostly consists of the FIAT 500e, with an average range of 75-85 miles per charge, which is more than sufficient for the majority of trips done on a day-to-day basis. All Elektrisk vehicles come with ID charge cards, granting FREE access to the charging network for those who need to go beyond this range (the rapid-charging network is growing all the time and allows a ‘flat-to-full’ charge in around 30 minutes).
We serve multiple locations. Find out our pickup and return points.