Vehicles To Meet The Demands

All Elektrisk vehicles come with charge cards, granting FREE access to the a large charging network for those who need to go beyond a few hours of driving.  If you need a car, it’s here. If you don’t need it, you don't use it. And if your circumstances change you aren’t left with an expensive asset you don’t need. Vehicles can be booked for as little as an hour.  Unlike traditional car hire that are only on demand.  It’s just like having your own car, without any of the hassle. We take care maintenance, cleaning, and tax.

Great Daily and hourly rates

Book your pay-as-you-go car now. Get in an electric vehicle, ev.  Rental prices and vehicles are very affordably priced allowing you to get the best deals, daily rates and hourly rates. Booking is quick and easy with easy confirmation and debit or credit card details are acceptable while booking, simply enter your card information.  Our Reservations team are friendly so you can relax knowing that if you need help over the phone you'll be speaking with someone on your side. 

No hidden charges and costs

When hunting for the best deal, it's important to consider what may not be included in your rental car's initial up-front cost. Armada Enterprise Elektrisk can rest assured you won't run into any surprise costs.  Every traveler wants to find the best deals when renting, but some rental car costs may not always be what they seem. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges might not be clearly stated in your car rental contract with the other guys, but we are dedicated to making your booking process transparent and easy to understand!

Online real-time booking system

Customers can now browse their selection in real-time, exchange cars when available.  Typically when you book a car rental, you have an idea of the type of car but you don't get the one you saw online.  This is REAL booking, what you SEE is what you GET.  That's AWESOME!  What's more, you can search the available vehicles and swap yours if you want to try another color or type.

Only electric and reliable vehicles

Elektrisk continually seeks to differentiate itself from the rest of the car rental market, by delivering a unique business model that incorporates: an entirely electric fleet; innovative and integrated travel solutions to meet the requirements of a variety of business partners and personal use; and a reduction in both the environmental and economic impact of each journey undertaken.  We’ll manage the entire process and management of the vehicles, so you don’t need to be involved with the process.

Many Extras Available

Customize your Armada Enterprise Elektrisk Rental Car with add-ons.   We offer child safety seat reservation if made 24 hours prior to pick up, we guarantee availability.  Also, all the cars are equipped with MP3 plugin accessories such as iPod car chargers and compatible docks at no extra charge. Due to limited supply, these vehicles are not reservable – but if you make a request when you pick up your rental car, we’ll make every effort!